About Me

Marc Philipp

I am passionate about developing software striving for both technical excellence and delighted end-users. To me, software craftsmanship is the journey towards this goal. Thus, I strive to be a good software craftsman every day when I work as a software developer in a product development team. In addition, I train and coach other developers from time to time.

I share my knowledge and insights with other developers and learn from fellow craftsmen by contributing to open source projects like JUnit or Project Usus on GitHub, by speaking at conferences, and by organizing community events like the XP Days Germany.

When I’m not thinking about software (which sometimes really does happen), I spend time with my wife and my kids as well as the rest of my family. You might also find me running in the woods at times.

In addition, I am interested in typography and visual design. I originally created the SoCraTes/Softwerkskammer logo. I’m a fan of Visual Facilitation as well.

If you want to contact me, feel free to write me an email (simply prepend mail@ to this domain) or ping me on Xing or LinkedIn.